Dads and Partners Matter

Dads and other partners are sometimes hesitant about you breastfeeding because they're worried they won't be able to bond with the baby. One solution is to encourage them to take charge of other tasks, like changing and bathing, but there are also lots of other ways they can bond with and help you out with the baby:

• Picking out an outfit and dressing her.

• Purchasing a sling or diaper bag with an alternative design (e.g., a favorite sports team or pattern).

• Singing some favorite songs. It's even okay to be out of tune...while getting in touch with the baby.

• Comforting your baby by gently rocking her and holding her against bare skin. Skin-to-skin is not just for moms!

• Talking to your baby, who will love to hear a new voice (e.g., deeper, slower, higher, faster).

• Showing your baby off to friends. There is a lot to be proud of!

• Showing your baby some favorite things. Babies thrive with visual stimulation.

• Kissing your baby each time she is picked up.

• Supporting your plan to breastfeed and providing you with loving support.

• "Ask for a phone, not a bottle." Call for help before bringing out the bottle of formula.

For more tips on what partners can do to support breastfeeding moms, click here.

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