Siblings Matter

Some older children may feel left out or jealous of new siblings. The relationships between brothers and sisters may be some of the most important relationships in their lives. There are lots of things you can do to help get them off to a good start.

Tips for Siblings:

• Make sure to spend time with them. Focus on one of their favorite activities, like reading a book.

• Reassure them you still love them and think they are special.

• Ask them to sing or talk to the baby.

• Request their help.

• Satisfy their curiosity about breastfeeding. Let them know it is a normal way to feed babies.

• Breastfeeding only takes one arm...use the other to snuggle with them.

• Prepare your nursing spots with items to occupy them.

• Encourage play. Many children enjoy having a doll and pretending to care for their own "babies".

• Let them know their involvement is important.

siblings matter2