Tips On Twins

Can you really breastfeed twins or triplets? Of course...the benefits of breastfeeding are multiplied! Your body will naturally produce enough milk to meet the needs of two (or more) babies

Plan on getting help in the first few weeks so that you can concentrate on caring for your babies. Make sure to eat a healthy diet, consume enough fluids, and get enough rest, and your body will take care of everything else!

Breastfeeding Tips

• Feed both babies at the same time, or feed one baby, and then the other.

• Feed each baby whenever he/she is hungry.

• Feed one baby, and then the other.

• Use extra pillows, a folded towel or rolled blanket for support.

• Breastfeeding both babies at the same time increases your milk and saves time.

Let-down may be stronger when feeding both at the same time.

• Alternating breasts between twins will help balance the milk production.

  • During a feeding
  • For each feeding
  • From day-to-day

• Create a chart to help you stay organized.

• Each baby should feed 8-12 times per day.

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Breastfeeding Positions For Twins

 Position your babies on either side using football holds with your hands supporting their heads.

 Position one baby at your side in a football hold, and one across a pillow on your lap.

 Position both babies criss-crossed in your lap, one lying partially on top of the other.

positions for twins

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