Feeding Positions

There is not a "right" way to hold your baby when you're breastfeeding. What works for one mom might not work for another. The right way is the comfortable way. Try several different positions and see which is best for you and your baby. Make sure your baby has latched on the right way.

Make Adjustments

feeding baby

It may also be good a good idea to change positions or make adjustments so that you and your baby stay comfortable. Babies know what to do with just a little help from you.

• Take a moment to calm your baby.

• Hold your baby closer.

• Bring your baby to you...don't lean over.

• Turn your baby to better face you.

• Use pillows, rolled-up towels, or blankets to make YOU more comfortable.

Clutch Hold


• This position is popular with moms who had a C-section.

• Place a pillow at your side.

• Put your baby on a pillow with his legs tucked under your arm.

• Slide your forearm under your baby's back and support his head with your hand.

Side-Lying Hold


• Lie on your side with knees bent.

• Put your baby on his side, facing your nipple.

• Place your other arm, a pillow, or a rolled-up blanket behind the baby to support him.

Cradle Hold


• Place a pillow on your lap.

• Put your baby on his side on the pillow, tummy to tummy with you.

• Rest his head on your forearm with his nose in front of your nipple.

• Tuck his lower arm under your breast.