Why It Works

The mother-to-mother connection can be very strong. We naturally connect with others who have had similar life experiences to our own.

The Power of Mother-to-Mother Support

 Women are drawn to other women with whom they share life experiences, especially experiences related to childbirth and parenting.

• Most women remember what it felt like to be a new mother and how much they had to learn.

• Many women want to build connections with other mothers to help them get ready for parenthood.

• Peer counselors are very valuable to mothers – they help them gain confidence in their mothering and breastfeeding abilities.

What A Peer Counselor Does

Peer counselors have a number of responsibilities, including:

 Facilitating breastfeeding groups with women interested in breastfeeding and discussing how to make breastfeeding a normal part of daily life.

 Calling/texting moms to offer support and answer questions beyond the usual clinic hours.

 Providing information about and promoting breastfeeding among peers.

 Addressing specific concerns of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

 Mastering counseling skills and mother-centered discussions.

 Sharing information with pregnant and breastfeeding women.

 Helping new mothers avoid or overcome common breastfeeding problems.