How It Works

The miracle of breastfeeding begins with you - your breasts, your hormones, your baby.

Your Breasts - Uncover the truth about why size doesn't matter.

Your Hormones - Discover how breastfeeding works so that you are comfortable with the wonders of making milk!

Your Milk - Learn about breast milk composition to help understand why it's the perfect food for your baby.

"I felt like I did not have enough milk to satisfy my baby. I was ready to give up. My peer counselor encouraged me to breastfeed more and soon we were on the right track."

-a mother helped by a NYS WIC peer counselor

Breastfeeding Your Newborn

Newborns have very tiny stomachs. You can expect them to nurse often – for long and short periods of time, sometimes even in cluster feeds, or several brief feedings in a row. There is no need to worry about a schedule – let your baby nurse when he is hungry. 

Watch Your Baby, Not The Clock.