"I'll feed until my baby has teeth."

Many people believe it is time to wean when baby gets his first tooth. You do not have to wean because your baby is starting to get teeth. Many moms nurse comfortably through a whole set of teeth. The best time to wean is when you or your baby decides it is time. This can vary a lot from baby to baby. Ideally, babies should breastfeed for a least one year.

Will he bite me?

When your baby is latched correctly, your nipple will be far back in his mouth and protected from his teeth. Biting can happen when your baby:

• Is teething

• Is going on and off the breast

• Makes a mistake

• Is falling asleep

• Is trying to get a reaction/your attention

• Is being playful

If your baby bites you, simply take your baby off the breast and end the feeding. Respond calmly (i.e., say "ouch" or "that hurt") and do not yell at your baby – you do not want to scare him. If the biting behavior continues, be on the lookout for why it happens and be ready to end the feeding. Babies often give clues before they bite. An advance warning is sometimes all you need to prevent being bitten.