Hello, Baby!

The first few days with your baby are so special and exciting! Enjoy every moment as you get to know your baby!

Bringing your baby home can be a wonderful time and it can also be confusing. Babies can seem mysterious and taking care of them may be a little scary. The good news is babies are born with skills and the desire to tell parents what they need. Babies have the amazing ability to communicate with their parents and caregivers. The Human Lactation Center at UC Davis developed materials to help you better understand how your baby communicates.

Feeling A Little Overwhelmed?

Give yourself time to adjust. You are still recovering from birth. You may experience shifts in your mood or emotions.

Adjusting To Breastfeeding

The first two weeks are very important. This time can seem difficult as you and your baby learn to breastfeed. Hang in there because it gets easier! This time is important for getting to know your baby AND building your milk supply. Read More.

Watch Your Baby

He'll show you when he's hungry! Look for his feeding cues (opening his mouth, smacking or licking his lips, turning his head, sucking on his hands).

Is He Getting Enough?

There are lots of ways for you to tell if he's getting enough milk. It's important for you to understand whats happening as your breasts are "learning" how to make milk