Family Matters

Now There Are Three

Many new mothers are surprised to encounter a new reality after their babies are born. It is common to experience a wide range of emotions. Parenting can seem like a wonderful, frustrating, confusing, glorious, exhausting, and exhilarating experience all at once. The mix of emotions coupled with new responsibilities may require lots of loving support.

Dads and Partners Matter

Dads and other partners are sometimes hesitant about you breastfeeding because they're worried they won't be able to bond with the baby. One solution is to encourage them to take charge of other tasks, like changing and bathing, but there are also lots of other ways they can bond with and help you out with the baby. Read More.

Grandparents Matter

It may be difficult for grandparents who did not breastfeed their children to support you in breastfeeding your baby. They may encourage breastfeeding, but might not know how to help you. Try these tips to turn a grandparent into an ally.

Siblings Matter

Some older children may feel left out or jealous of new siblings. The relationships between brothers and sisters may be some of the most important relationships in their lives. There are lots of things you can do to help get them off to a good start. For more tips for siblings, click here.

Sex Matters

Many new parents think that having a baby will bring them closer and are surprised when it doesn't happen immediately. You may actually find that having a baby puts your relationship to the test. It's harder to get along when you are tired, emotionally drained, or "touched out". Read More.