The First Two Weeks

The first two weeks are very important. This time can seem difficult as you and your baby learn to breastfeed. Hang in there because it gets easier! This time is important for getting to know your baby AND building your milk supply.

Tips for the First Few Days:adjusting to breastfeeding

• Hold your baby skin-to-skin.

• Keep your baby in the room with you.

• Watch your baby for feeding cues.

• Feed your baby often (at least 8-12 times per 24 hours).

• Watch your baby, not the clock!

• Don't forget night time feedings (they help stimulate milk production).

• Don't feed your baby anything but breast milk – leave the formula samples at the hospital.

• Avoid pacifiers and bottles.

• Delay visitors, but say yes to help (e.g., making dinner, laundry, taking your other kids out to play).

• Get comfortable – breastfeeding should not hurt!

• Try different positions.

• Let your baby guide the process! Try baby-led breastfeeding (also known as laid back breastfeeding.

Waking A Sleepy Baby

• Change your baby's clothing or diaper.

• Hold your baby skin-to-skin in an upright position.

• Massage your baby's back, arms, legs, or cheeks.

• Put a little of your expressed milk on your baby's lips.

Breastfed babies are happier...but all newborns can be a little fussy. As she is adjusting to her new world, the best place for her is in your loving arms. Get to know her feeding cues and feed her before she gets too hungry!

Calming A Fussy Baby

• Nurse your baby.

• Babies need to be held. Try skin-to-skin.

• Play soft music.

• Rock your baby.

• Take a walk with your baby.

• Talk in a soothing way.

• Hold your baby upright against your chest and stroke his back.

• Wear your baby in a soft front carrier.