New York State Supports World Breastfeeding Week

August is National Breastfeeding Month!

World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) occurs annually on the first week of August and represents a global celebration of breastfeeding efforts including breastfeeding promotion, support, education, research, progressive trends and normalizing breastfeeding as the gold standard of infant nutrition. Breastfeeding (a.k.a. chest-feeding) is an act of love which needs no interpreter from country to country or parent to parent. Breastfeeding instead is its own language—a language of joy, bonding, growth and nutrition that is spoken from one body to another without sound. There is no other substance on earth like breast milk. Each year, New York State WIC is dedicated to supporting the provision of this incredible gift by encouraging WBW related events, learning, and collaboration between and within local agencies.

Check back regularly for updates as we work to support, promote and protect breastfeeding efforts statewide.

World Breastfeeding Week 2021 is Sunday AUGUST 1st to Saturday AUGUST 7th!

For more information about World Breastfeeding Week and related events, visit the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) website at


WBW 2021 Event Dates Outlined:

(August 1-7): World Breastfeeding Week: Protect Breastfeeding: A Shared Responsibility

(August 8-14): Native Breastfeeding Week 

(August 25-31): Black Breastfeeding Week: Revive. Restore. Reclaim

Virtual or socially-distanced WBW past events from NYS local agencies:

The following list represents ideas/events for WBW which NYS WIC local agencies performed in 2020 that you may want to consider when planning for future events:

  • Raffle in which PC called BF participants or those planning to BF and asked four BF related questions—those who answered correctly were entered into a raffle and mailed a small gift.
  • Virtual breastfeeding support groups and virtual Global Big Latch On events.
  • Post one fascinating breastfeeding fact
  • Drive-by celebration (car-parade) in which BF participants or those planning to BF drive by and select a small gift (non-contact) from a table set-up in a safe location without leaving their cars.
  • Photo contest for BF participants in which each sends in a picture of themselves with their BF infant to the local agency who then posts to their Facebook page (with consent) and the picture with the most likes wins a gift or gift-card.
  • Virtual breastfeeding support and awareness walk during which participants who post to the Facebook page showing themselves walking to support breastfeeding are entered into a drawing at the end of the month of August.
  • Honk to support breastfeeding drive-by local agency staff following CDC guidelines to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 hold signs with the 2020 WBW logo and other supportive phrases and encourage those who drive-by to honk for the cause. Event promoted with media outlets including radio and communicated to police in advance.
  • Recorded Zoom interviews with breastfeeding participants related to WBW theme and experience breastfeeding are completed prior to WBW are released daily on Facebook and other social-media outlets.
  • Breastfeeding grand-rounds viewing party in which participants and staff are encouraged to view the BF grand-rounds virtually when released, simultaneously and discuss the event at a coordinated Zoom meeting afterwards.
  • Supportive agency videos and PC interviews (
  • Virtual trivia/scavenger-hunt in which participants are emailed a questionnaire with true/false for myth-busting and questions which can only be answered be accessing he appropriate and reputable websites. Those who complete and return are entered into a prize drawing.
  • Breastfeeding testimonials in which participants speak about their experiences and collect photographs of the participant and breastfed infant to be posted with the testimonial around the waiting room until the next WBW event
  • Mailing out breastfeeding milestone certificates to BF participants


The following are a compilation of photographs from World Breastfeeding Week events held virtually within NYS WIC local agencies. New York State would like to congratulate and commend all those who sponsored and/or participated in this and other celebrations of breastfeeding.

Virtual World Breastfeeding Week, August, 2020:

kayleigh cook photo

[Kayleigh Cook]

liliana cortez photo

[Liliana Cortez]

lorena mejia phoot

[Lorena Mejia]

schoharie co cap photo

[Schoharie Co CAP]

emily leibenow photo

[Emily Liebenow]

banner cayuga county photo

[Banner in Cayuga County]

bikes game wheel prizes photo

[Bikes, Game Wheel, Prizes]

king co agnes cato photo

[King Co- Agnes Cato]

Updated November 2020


New York State (NYS) WIC local agencies held over 150 private and public events to support and promote breastfeeding in their communities during World Breastfeeding Week 2019. Below are some pictures captured at one of the central region world breastfeeding week events.