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WIC Breastfeeding Support - Breastfeeding is a journey. There are ups and downs and feelings of accomplishment and frustration. WIC is there to help every step of the way, no matter what stage of the breastfeeding journey you’re in. Visit WIC Breastfeeding Support - Learn Together. Grow Together. for breastfeeding resources. is the official patient website of the American Society of Breast Surgeons Foundation.’s goal is to engage, educate, and empower readers so that they will be better able to make informed decisions for their breast health care.

Breastfeeding Report Card - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) releases a Breastfeeding Report Card each year, which is a compilation of data and information identified in a state-by-state format.

The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine - Information from a worldwide organization of physicians dedicated to the promotion, protection and support of breastfeeding and human lactation.

The American College of Nurse-Midwives - The official site of the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM). It is the oldest women's health care organization in the U.S. ACNM provides research, accredits midwifery education programs, administers and promotes continuing education programs, establishes clinical practice standards, creates liaisons with state and federal agencies and members of Congress.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics - The official website for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Contains information on nutrition, healthy eating tips, a listing of Registered Dietitians, and other resources.

Baby Goo Roo - This website offers support, educational material, and professional resources for moms, families, as well as breastfeeding professionals.

The Breastfeeding Task Force of Greater Los Angeles - The official site of the task force includes sources of information for breastfeeding promotion and support. The Breastfeeding Task Force of Greater Los Angeles is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of infants and families through education, outreach, and advocacy to promote and support breastfeeding.

Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) - The site provides recipes, resources and information on preparing meals and food safety for child care providers in the CACFP program. Information on breastfeeding and child care is also available. - Resources and information for parents and lactation consultants of all levels.

La Leche League - The official website of La Leche League (LLL) includes breastfeeding information, peer counseling, chat rooms, etc. LLL is an organization that offers information and encouragement primarily through personal help to those women who want to breastfeed their babies.

The Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition - The Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition (MBC) arose out of a need for a statewide coalition to coordinate the efforts of many diverse breastfeeding advocacy groups in the Commonwealth.

"My Plate for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding" - An interactive website for pregnant moms and breastfeeding women, featuring a pyramid plan section that moms can go to for an individual nutrition plan.

New York Milk Bank - The first comprehensive milk bank located in New York State to collect and safely pasteurize donated human breast milk. Mothers from New York and the Tri-State area can donate their extra milk to help save premature, low birth weight, and sick infants.

New York State Department of Health - Visit the NY State Department of Health website to see how NY State Promotes, Protects and Supports Breastfeeding.

New York Statewide Breastfeeding CoalitionThe NYSBC is an advocacy, not-for-profit organization focusing on issues that affect breastfeeding. The NYSBC is an organization made up of lactation consultants, health care providers, regional breastfeeding coalitions and the major statewide maternal and child health organizations.

NYS DOH - Health and Communities - The New York State Department of Health’s website is a source of information regarding a variety of issues which affect the health of families and communities. Topics include HIV, obesity (Activ8kids), and pregnancy.

Ohio Workplace Lactation PLUS Toolkit - This toolkit is a free comprehensive resource for human resource professionals, supervisors, and employees, similar to the NYS Making It Work Toolkit. It assists businesses to establish or enhance existing lactation accommodations by providing basic accommodations for just starting out and tips for working and breastfeeding moms. The “PLUS” stands for “Providing Lactation Upgrades and Support” which was created from the results of a statewide survey of Ohio businesses showing that many businesses already provide lactation support but want to upgrade to be in full compliance with the federal law or to go further in providing support for breastfeeding women. Click the above link above and scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about this resource.

Postpartum Resource Center of New York - The Postpartum Resource Center of New York, Inc. is the nonprofit IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization in New York State representing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders support and education. Their vision is to build and strengthen perinatal mental wellness parent support networks and safety nets in all sixty-two NYS counties.

Texas WIC - Information for parents from the Texas WIC program. See and hear tips from other moms on breastfeeding, latching, milk supply, working and more.

UNICEF - The official site for UNICEF. Its goal is to protect, promote and support optimal infant and young child feeding. Information can be found on the International Code of Marketing of Breast milk Substitutes, the Baby Friendly Initiatives, and the Innocenti Declaration.

UNICEF United Kingdom Baby Friendly Initiative - This site contains pamphlets in several languages, as well as a section for parents on feeding and caring for babies.

The United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) - The USBC is a collaborative partnership of organizations. The mission of the committee is to protect, promote and support breastfeeding in the U.S. The USBC exists to assure the rightful place of breastfeeding in society. The site includes position and issues papers such as Breastfeeding and Childcare and Workplace Breastfeeding Support.

The United States Department of Agriculture - The official site for the United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Services. Within the site is information regarding WIC.

WIC Works - This website is designed for professionals in the WIC program. Resources are available on the site, interactive sessions to practice counseling skills, state developed materials are shared on the site. Information on Loving Support, Best Start Social Marketing Inc and Breastfeeding promotion can be found here. WIC Works contains resources from State Agencies and information on breastfeeding initiative.