Thrush is an easily treatable yeast infection that can form on your nipple, your breast, or in your baby's mouth. A thrush infection on your breast may be more difficult to identify than an infection in your baby's mouth – which looks like white flecks inside his mouth, or on his tongue and cheeks.

Thrush is contagious! If you think you or your baby might have thrush, make an appointment with your health care provider to get assessed. If you do have thrush, both you and your baby will require treatment so you don't pass the infection back and forth between one another. You should also use hot water to clean all items that come into contact with your baby's mouth or your breast (e.g., toys, pacifiers, bottles, breast pump parts, etc.)

Thrush Symptoms:

• burning pain in your breast during and after breastfeeding

- may occur suddenly or after weeks of pain free breastfeeding

• redness, scaling, or itchy/flaking skin on your nipple(s) and/or areola(s)

• your baby has a diaper rash with red sores

• white flecks or patches inside your baby's mouth