Leaking is most common in the first few weeks of nursing. It's normal and often decreases over time.

Easy Tips to Avoid Leaking

• Wear nursing pads inside your bra to absorb leaking milk.

• Choose washable, cotton nursing pads (e.g., a folded cotton handkerchief).

• Avoid pads with plastic lining.

• Wear layers of clothing, like jackets or sweaters.

• Keep a clean shirt on hand (e.g., in your car, at work, or in the diaper bag).

• Know that one breast may leak while you are nursing from the other. Take advantage of the leak and collect the milk to save for another feeding, or keep a cloth diaper ready to absorb the extra milk.

• Ask your peer counselor for information about the let-down reflex. Knowing what to expect will help you avoid leaks by:

  • Feeding your baby,
  • Pumping, or
  • Crossing your arms to apply mild pressure to your breasts.

Helpful Tips

What To Do If You Have Too Much Milk...

• Feed from only one breast at each feeding.

• Experiment with different positions.

• Nurse in a reclined position or flat on your back.

• Try pumping before breastfeeding. When your milk flow slows, put your baby to breast.

For Healthy Nipples

Make sure your baby is latching on correctly.

Find a comfortable breastfeeding position.

Rub a little expressed breast milk on your nipples after nursing and air dry.

Air dry nipples and keep them dry between feedings.

Get help early, don't let a minor problem get bigger.