Maintaining Your Milk

The best pump in the world is no match for your baby. To maintain your milk supply, it is important that you continue to breastfeed whenever you are with your baby. If you experience a lower milk supply as you return to work, get help from your WIC peer counselor or lactation consultant.

Tips For Maintaining Your Milk Supply

• Exclusively breastfeed when you are with your baby.

• Nurse your baby right before you leave for and immediately after you return from work.

• Make sure you and your child care provider are on the same page. For example, your baby should not be fed right before you are due to return home.

• Take care of yourself. Getting adequate rest and eating healthy foods will make you feel better and give you more energy.

Check Your Pump

Have your pump checked for any problems. Make sure you are using it correctly and have the right parts (e.g., flange size). An older pump (over one year) may have worn parts. If your pump is not efficient, you may not pump enough milk which in turn impacts your milk supply.