Plan It Out

You can return to work or school and continue to breastfeed. Mothers, infants, and employers benefit from continued breastfeeding. Many working moms find breastfeeding easier than they thought and well worth the effort. Find support from other moms who are working and breastfeeding.

You have rights! State and federal laws provide for lactation support and accommodations in the workplace. Your employer is required to provide you with a private place to express or pump breast milk. A bathroom is NOT acceptable. You have the right to use your break time or meal time to express or pump.

Your employer must not discriminate against you for expressing or pumping while at work.

For more on laws, click here.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead will make your transition back into the workplace easier for you, your baby, your boss, and your child care provider. The right planning will help you to get breastfeeding off to a good start and allow you to enjoy the time you have at home with your baby.

To download your own Breastfeeding Plan, click here.

When You Return

Click here for tips on making your return to work or school as smooth as possible.

Tips For Introducing A Bottle

Shortly before you return to work, it may be a good idea to begin introducing your baby to a bottle.

Mom's To Do List

During Pregnancy

• Arrange to take the maximum maternity leave or start back part time if possible.

• Consult the experts – ask other mothers who worked/are working while breastfeeding for tips and hints.

During Maternity Leave

• Breastfeed exclusively (only breast milk) to build and maintain your milk supply.

• Practice hand expression or using a breast pump.

• Begin freezing expressed milk.

• Introduce your baby to a bottle.

• Develop a plan for breastfeeding and working, similar to your birth plan.