Hand Expression

In the beginning, hand expression may require a little practice and skill, but the good news is that it gets easier and faster with practice. Some moms find they can hand express as fast as any pump.

Click here to view a short video clip about hand expression.

Steps for Hand Expression

• Gently massage your breast.

 Place your thumb above the nipple and your index finger at the edge of the areola away from the nipple. Your other fingers will rest underneath the breast.

 Press your thumb and fingers into the breast toward your chest.

 Gently bring your thumb and fingers together and roll toward the areola, be careful not to rub or pinch.

 Repeat in a rhythmical pattern until milk flow slows from that area.

 Rotate the position of the thumb and fingers and repeat the process until the milk stops flowing.

 Repeat process on your other breast.

Hand Expression Tips

• Wash your hands and find a comfortable relaxing place to sit.

• Try expressing breast milk when baby is nursing on the other side.

• Visualize your baby.

• Be patient...expect a small amount in the beginning.